Command and order in Latin.  You're guided through the levels using a new movement mechanic. Move as you command your character to go around the levels.

About the game (and us)
This game is a 2D platformer, it's our first game made, ever. Our planning was a bit off and we both had to learn new things. However, the reason we participated is so we could get some constructive feedback and some development experience. So, here we are!

Glowi Games ''proudly'' presents Inperito();

There are some known bugs (such as sticking to the side of a wall), some missing elements here and there (we would've preferred a more extensive main menu and events for the dialogue) and we didn't have the time to implement the soundtrack (songs made by ourselves).  We would still like you to point things out to us, since we are planning on continuing development for the game. The soundtrack/effects is still available for download.

Thanks for sticking around, we hope you enjoy the (concept) of the game as much as we enjoyed making it! :)

Programmer - Dani Christiaans
Music & Graphics Design - Maxwell Muskita


Inperito_LD40_final.rar 10 MB
Inperito_LD40_final_mac.rar 12 MB
8-Bit Beep 27 kB
Level 1 Song 22 MB
Tutorial Song 29 MB

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